Strap is a script to bootstrap a minimal macOS development system. This does not assume you're doing Ruby/Rails/web development but installs the minimal set of software every macOS developer will want.

To Strap your system:
  1. If you've installed Boxen: uninstall it first by running boxen, /opt/boxen/repo/script/nuke --all --force and closing all your open Terminal windows. Note that uninstalling Boxen will delete your entire /opt/boxen directory, including Homebrew, so if you have anything you want to save, do that first.
  2. that's been customised for your GitHub user (or view it first). This will prompt for access to your email, public and private repositories; you'll need to provide access to any organizations whose repositories you need to be able to git clone. This is used to add a GitHub access token to the script and is not otherwise used by this web application or stored anywhere.
  3. Run Strap in with bash ~/Downloads/
  4. If something failed, run Strap with more debugging output in with bash ~/Downloads/ --debug and file an issue at
  5. Delete the customised (it has a GitHub token in it) in with rm -f ~/Downloads/
  6. Install additional software with brew install and brew cask install.
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